review: Asteroid City (2023, dir. Wes Anderson)

frame from the film Asteroid City. a small research station sits next to a crater in the desert, lit up by tiny spotlights, beneath a dusky sky.

I’m trying to catch up on a lot of films that I missed in 2023, so I watched Asteroid City a couple days ago while doing some overtime comic page inking in on the couch. I’d heard a lot of big hubbub about it being The Best Wes Film In Years etc etc, but my ultimate prognosis was: it was fine? I guess?? I don’t know if I got as much out of it as others did, but that also might be a “me” problem.

Spoilers for Asteroid City to follow.

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i’m blogging again! wow!

screenshot from nineties CD-rom of a guy with pipes leading into his head. dialog box: "YOU WILL DIE BECAUSE OF CRANIAL NERVE DAMAGE WHILE YOU ARE ONLINE."
yeah, you and me both, brother

Heyo! Been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s no secret: social media is bullshit and everything sucks even harder now, possibly forever. I also want to get quicker and better at writing, and I’m tired of trying to bend my thoughts into shapes other people’s websites demand. SO: this year, I’m gonna try blowing the dust off this blog and posting long-form again, about art I’ve enjoyed (or not enjoyed) recently as well as life events and whatever else passes through my mind. I don’t want this to turn into a chore, so let me phrase things as “it will be nice if I can do one post a week about something”. Not required, just nice. Also I’m not doing character minimums or anything like that; this is a casual pursuit, not a meat grinder.

If you like what I write, feel free to comment! It’d be a nice change from the eleven billion Russian bots spamming dick pill ads into my inbox. I’ll also be crossposting these to my Cohost page, since that’s really the only social media site I still use regularly anymore that respects long-form posts, but if you’re reading this here then you’re getting The Full Experience. Feel free to add me to your RSS feed, too, if you’re a freak for that kind of thing. Cheers and enjoy!