Who’s ready to be a GIGANTIC FIGHTING ROBOT? YOU ARE, OBVIOUSLY. Announcing our con-exclusive badge theme for BLFC, Mecha badges! These are big, bright badges featuring YOUR CHARACTER as a lean, mean, building-sized fighting machine, inked and toned on UV-reactive fluorescent paper!

Only $50 at the con or for pre-order! Slots are limited, so if you want one RIGHT at the start of the con (or if you aren’t attending but want one…), email me at irisjaycomics at gmail!


Hey folks! Just a small reminder that I’ll be at VanCAF 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia this weekend! INTERNATIONAL STYLE. I’ll be selling copies of Crossed Wires and Epiphany, plus some cool cool merchandise over at Table F2 with my wonderful husband Nero O’Reilly and my illustrious friend Margaret Trauth. AND! I’ll have something NEW, though it isn’t so much of a piece of merchandise as much as it is a service.

I’m starting a freelance administrative service for creative professionals like myself! If you’ve been itching for someone to tidy your inbox, edit your manuscript, lay out your book for print or write press releases for your upcoming products, then let me and my decade-plus of freelance experience work for you! Check out a full range of services and rates at

See you in The ‘Coove! And if I won’t see you there, maybe you’ll be at… BLFC??? BUT OF COURSE, that’s a blog post for another time…